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US-3554539-A: Hand-held jump-over exercise rod with pivotal handle members patent, US-3584631-A: Reconstituted tobacco composition patent, US-3630108-A: Magnetic tool patent, US-3633002-A: Integrator for use in digital differential analyzer systems patent, US-3635060-A: Thrusting arrangement for a rolling mill patent, US-3640224-A: Rf immune firing circuit employing high-impedance leads patent, US-3643668-A: Oxidized cellulose smoking product composition patent, US-3646383-A: Fluorescent panel lamp patent, US-3649860-A: Dynamoelectric machines patent, US-3655973-A: Radio-isotope scanning machine for more clearly representing contours of equal radiation intensity patent, US-3668691-A: Analog to digital encoder patent, US-3670544-A: Machine for the production of tubing patent, US-3676649-A: Signal analysis and recording patent, US-3708237-A: Doweling jig patent, US-3710538-A: Method for filling pressurized packages and aerosol dispensers patent, US-3717084-A: Water spray ring for citrus fruit processing apparatus patent, US-3721374-A: Lamp mount for automotive vehicles patent, US-3734398-A: Basket centrifuge with material removing means patent, US-3749934-A: Thermostat with projection for thermally isolated switch means patent, US-3750214-A: Bottlecleaner patent, US-3778965-A: Loading system for packing machine patent, US-3800861-A: Air cooled vapor condenser module patent, US-3807844-A: Film-handling apparatus patent, US-3811122-A: Supervised battery power supply patent, US-3815614-A: Reciprocating manicure device patent, US-3824605-A: Illumination control arrangement for photographic camera patent, US-3846752-A: Character recognition apparatus patent, US-2419032-A: Sequence relay patent, US-2430694-A: Knockover bit assembly and mounting therefor patent, US-2431183-A: Burial vault patent, US-2435650-A: Illuminated walking stick patent, US-2442937-A: Automatic gate patent, US-2443858-A: Screw-thread gauging device patent, US-2453236-A: Theft-preventing locking device for automobiles and the like patent, US-2460287-A: Radiating electromagnetic resonator patent, US-2464622-A: Method of forming riveted joints patent, US-2467767-A: Leakage testing system patent, US-2468999-A: Lifting device patent, US-2474725-A: Safety jack base patent, US-2484425-A: Treatment of synthetic rubber latices patent, US-2487858-A: Process of making a photographic mask of high isoelectric point gelatin patent, US-2490210-A: Chair base patent, US-2507537-A: Arsenic sulfathiazole chelate complex patent, US-2512667-A: Linear nitrogen-containing polymers patent, US-2519258-A: Carrier-current relay patent, US-2520248-A: Foot measuring device patent, US-2525202-A: Machine for the production of packaging inlays patent, US-2525458-A: Collapsible roundabout patent, US-2529079-A: Lipstick container patent, US-2530384-A: Armrest for vehicle use patent, US-2546622-A: Detachable spur for roller skates patent, US-2552597-A: Process of making a molded article from lignocellulose patent, US-2553872-A: Loose-leaf binder patent, US-2558419-A: Hinged joint for planks patent, US-2569482-A: Wheel cover patent, US-2577635-A: Polymeric vinylidene chloride compositions patent, US-2585227-A: Winding apparatus patent, US-2587450-A: Abdominal supporting belt patent, US-2588256-A: Curtain construction patent, US-2597841-A: Frame construction around openings of trailers and other vehicles and structures patent, US-2606701-A: Fire extinguisher carrier patent, US-2620872-A: Expanded scale timer patent, US-2622508-A: Baling press patent, US-2624236-A: Polarizing attachment for microscopes patent, US-2627152-A: Automatic carton closing machine patent, US-2627165-A: Turbine type hydraulic torque converter patent, US-2636144-A: Gaseous discharge device patent, US-2644857-A: Recording and reproducing sound patent, US-2657818-A: Device for inserting pliable grommets patent, US-2660339-A: Dispenser for collapsible tubes patent, US-2667280-A: Handling finely divided solid materials patent, US-2670023-A: Tire cleat protector patent, US-2678032-A: Free piston engine patent, US-2678222-A: Drawbar lock patent, US-2682743-A: Harvester pickup patent, US-2686734-A: Method of coating water sensitive phosphor screens patent, US-2702551-A: Tourniquet-equipped garment patent, US-2708420-A: Sanitary trap nest patent, US-2723625-A: Top standing valve for subsurface pump patent, US-2739699-A: Container for drills patent, US-2747399-A: Static yield point measurement patent, US-2748669-A: Removable apron cloth and head box therefor patent, US-2749410-A: Arc chute with perforated barrier plates having staggered slots patent, US-2754306-A: Lacquer plasticizer patent, US-2764286-A: Display cards for spectacle frames or the like patent, US-2771604-A: Vehicular short-wave antenna patent, US-2781205-A: Sealed flexible duct joint patent, US-2787135-A: Air conditioner patent, US-2787140-A: Heat pump system and construction patent, US-2790273-A: Apparatus for lapping dies patent, US-2793887-A: Insulation hanger patent, US-2798371-A: Combined latch and lock device patent, US-2799607-A: Welding flux for cast iron patent, US-2800656-A: Antenna for broadcasting two signals patent, US-2816331-A: Freezer cabinet door construction patent, US-2817179-A: Retractable-hook fish lure patent, US-2821228-A: Protective apparatus for grinding machines patent, US-2830091-A: Olefin hydration patent, US-2834630-A: Magnetic fishing tool patent, US-2835174-A: Tray forming machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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