Method for assigning target-enriched sequence reads to a genomic location



The invention relates to a method for assigning target-enriched sequence reads to a genomic location. Provided herein, among other things, is a computer-implemented method for assigning a sequence read to a genomic location, the method including: a) accessing a file containing a sequence read, wherein the sequence read is obtained from a nucleic acid sample that has been enriched by hybridization to a plurality of capture sequences; and b) assigning the sequence read to a genomic location by: i) identifying a capture sequence as being a match with the sequence read if the sequence read contains one or more subsequences of the capture sequence; ii) calculating, using a computer, a score indicating the degree of sequence similarity between each of the matched capture sequences and the sequence read; and iii) assigning the sequence read to the genomic location if the calculated score for a matched capture sequence is above a threshold.




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