Oral solution for treating child chronic cough and preparation method


  • Inventors: ZHANG XIAOLI
  • Assignees: 张晓丽
  • Publication Date: May 25, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105596534-A


The invention discloses an oral solution for treating a child chronic cough. The oral solution is prepared from, by weight, 5-15 parts of almond kernels, 10-20 parts of licorice roots, 3-9 parts of cassia twigs, 3-7 parts of oranges, 1-5 parts of snow pears, 3-8 parts of chrysanthemum flowers, 1-5 parts of Chinese eriosema roots, 5-15 parts of globe amaranth flowers, 4-10 parts of folium eriobotryae, 2-6 parts of honeysuckle flowers, 1-5 parts of fructus forsythiae and 3-8 parts of flos daturae. According to the oral solution for treating the child chronic cough, the medicinal materials are easy to obtain and low in cost, most of the selected medicinal materials are mild in drug property, and the economical and physical burden of a user cannot be increased after the oral solution is used for a long time.




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