Brake master cylinder



The invention discloses a brake master cylinder. The brake master cylinder comprises a cylinder body, a piston rod device is slidably arranged in the cylinder body and comprises a first piston rod and a second piston rod which are sequentially connected, the end, far away from the second piston rod, of the first piston rod is connected with the inner wall of the cylinder body through a return spring, the end, far away from the first piston rod, of the second piston rod extends out of the cylinder body, the piston rod device further comprises an annular elastic membrane, the first piston rod is sleeved with the annular elastic membrane, and the outer round edge of the annular elastic membrane is fixed to the inner wall of the cylinder body. By means of the brake master cylinder, the problems that in a traditional brake master cylinder, the friction force between an O-shaped rubber ring arranged on a piston rod in a sleeving mode and the inner wall of the master cylinder is large, and the O-shaped rubber ring is fractured easily after long time of friction are solved.




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