Grafting method of populus simonii


  • Inventors: YU QIJIA
  • Assignees: 余启佳
  • Publication Date: June 01, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105613053-A


The invention discloses a grafting method of populus simonii. The method comprises the steps of selecting populus simonii less than 20 cm above the earth to be as a rootstock to be grafted; selecting a fine-quality, bright and clean lignified and semi-lignified populus simonii branch without plant diseases and insect pests and with 1 to 2 full axillary buds to be as a scion, and grafting; using a special conical drilling bit to drill a conical hole at the connector of the populus imonii rootstock; cutting the joint of the scion to be a conical scion joint fitting in the rootstock connector hole by using a pencil sharpener; inserting the conical scion joint into the conical connector hole; rotationally plugging a stainless screw into a grafting gap between the conical scion joint and the conical rootstock hole; strapping by using a plastic strip. The method has the advantages of simpleness and convenience in operation, fastness in grafting coincide joint, and high survival rate.




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