Method for establishing CYP2C11 gene knockout rat model



The invention relates to a method for establishing a CYP2C11 gene knockout rat model, and belongs to the technical field of transgenosis. The method comprises the steps of firstly determining a target point of a to-be-knocked gene and designing and synthesizing a primer sequence of the gene; inserting the primer sequence into a Cas9-gRNA-Bsal carrier subjected to enzyme digestion and performing amplification to obtain a target point sgRNA with a T7 promoter sequence; after in vitro transcription and purification, performing activity detection; micro-injecting active sgRNA and Cas9 RNA into a rat single-cell embryo to obtain a Founder rat; and after screening out a CYP2C11 gene knockout rat heterozygote, performing mating to obtain a homozygote individual, namely, a CYP2C11 gene knockout rat. The invention provides a brand-new preparation method replacing a mouse model with a P450 gene knockout rat model, so that a gene knockout technology is really fused in non-clinical safety evaluation of drugs and early toxicity of candidate drugs can be discovered.




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