Driving method and driving circuit of display device and display device



The invention provides a driving method and a driving circuit of a display device and the display device and relates to the technical field of displays in order to increase the aperture ratio. The display device comprises an array substrate, at least one grid electrode driving circuit and at least one source electrode driving circuit, wherein the array substrate comprises a plurality of grid lines and a plurality of data lines. The method includes the steps that a display area of the array substrate is divided into at least two sub-areas in the direction of the data lines, and each sub-area comprises at least one grid line; corresponding charging time is set for the grid lines of the sub-areas, the average charging time of the grid lines in the sub-areas tends to be prolonged along with increase of vertical distances between the sub-areas and areas where the source electrode driving circuits at the specific ends of the data lines are located; the grid lines of the sub-areas are sequentially charged for the corresponding period of time. The driving method and the driving circuit of the display device and the display device are mainly used in the display technology.




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