Subtitle translation method in digital animation production process



A subtitle translation method in a digital animation production process is characterized in that a subtitle-to-be-translated area identification module, a language library, an optical character search engine and a subtitle translation module are included, first a subtitle-to-be-translated area is delimited in digital animation, whether subtitles are output in a current digital animation video frame is identified in the area through the subtitle-to-be-translated area identification module, if subtitle output is identified in the subtitle-to-be-translated area, subtitle content of the subtitle-to-be-translated area is translated into characters of a designated language; the language bank contains various domestic and foreign language words; the optical character search engine is used for searching in the language library a language needing translation; and the subtitle translation module is used for translating subtitle content of a language synchronization translation area of subtitles into characters of the designated language, and displaying the translated characters of the designated language in a designated area in an overlapping manner, thereby realizing local instant translation of a video file, requirements of users of different languages can be met, the applicability is high and the cost is low.




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