Folinm rosae roxburgniae heat-clearing summer-heat-relieving oral liquid and production method thereof



A folinm rosae roxburgniae heat-clearing summer-heat-relieving oral liquid and a production method thereof are provided. The oral liquid is composed of raw materials: folinm rosae roxburgniae, fructus terminaliae immaturus, root-bark of lokao buckthorn, acacia catechu, distilled liquid of white canarytree fruit, corydalis pallida, rhodiola scabrida, herb of black medick, pear leaves, and water-chestnut root; the production method comprises the main technological processes: material selection, drying, crushing, proportioning, boiling, dilution, seasoning, bottling, and finished product obtaining; the oral liquid integrates heat clearing, summer-heat relieving, pure natural and non-toxic side effects, has the advantages of high absorption rate and significant nourishing effect, can effectively improve the functions of a human body, and increases the immunity of the human body.




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