Feeding device of automobile outside door panel stamping die



The invention discloses a feeding device of an automobile outside door panel stamping die. The feeding device comprises an upper support and a lower support arranged on a lower die holder of the stamping die. A height adjusting mechanism is arranged between the upper support and the lower support. The upper support extends to the outer side of the lower die holder and is provided with rolling wheels. According to the feeding device of the automobile outside door panel stamping die, a plate slides on a sliding face formed by the rolling wheels and can enter the stamping die very conveniently; besides, the edges of the two ends of each rolling wheel are in an arc shape so that the rolling wheels and the plate can be kept in an approximate spherical contact state, the curvature radius of the areas, making contact with the plate, of the rolling wheels is larger, and therefore scratching of the rolling wheels on the plate is substantially reduced.




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