Alkyl glycoside hydroxylpropyl sulfonate and preparation method thereof



The invention relates to the field of synthesis of surface active agents, in particular to a preparation method of alkyl glycoside hydroxylpropyl sulfonate. The method includes the following steps of A, putting epoxy chloropropane and sodium hydrogen sulfite in a reactor, conducting loop opening and addition reaction on epoxy chloropropane in the water-phase environment, and obtaining a 3-chloro-2-hydroxylpropysodium sulfonate intermediate water solution after reaction ends; B, putting 3-chloro-2-hydroxylpropysodium sulfonate intermediate and an alkyl glycoside water solution in the reactor, and conducting condensation reaction under a liquid alkali catalyst to obtain an alkyl glycoside sulfonate water solution. The method is simple in process and convenient to operate; particularly, obtained alkyl glycoside sulfonate has related properties of non-ion surface active agent alkyl glycoside; meanwhile, due to the introduction of sulfonate radical ions, the water solubility of the product is improved, and the problems that long-carbon-chain alkyl glycoside is poor in water solubility, easy to dissolve at a low temperature and the like are solved.




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