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Au 2% law w. KLAASSEN 2,520,24g FOOT MEASURING DEVICE Filed July 26, 1949 INVENTOR. w/mw KLAASGEA; BY %-"mdz1{/3Mmz vflmmawz ATTOB/VEYS. Patented Aug. 29, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,520,248 FOOT MEASURING DEVICE William Klaassen, Grand Rapids, Mich. Application July 26, 1949, Serial No. 106,811 1 Claim. This invention relates to foot measuring devices for obtaining proper shoe sizes, and more particularly to an easily portable device for quickly obtaining the pertinent information as to proper length and width of shoes to be fitted. It is among the objects of the invention to provide an improved foot measuring device of greatly simplified construction which can be held in one hand by a shoe salesman or other person interested in obtaining foot measurements and 1 can be quickly and easily adjusted on a foot to provide the pertinent information as to width and length of shoes to be fitted, which, while particularly useful in fitting shoes for children, can be provided in different sizes to include the entire commercial range of shoe sizes and lasts, which simultaneously provides information as to both the length and width or last requirements of the shoes to be fitted, and which is extremely durable in construction, economical to manufacture, and neat and attractive in appearance. Other objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the following description and the appended claim in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein: Figure 1 is a top plan view of a foot measuring device illustrative of the invention; Figure 2 is a side elevation of the device illustrated in Figure 1; Figure 3 is a transverse cross-section on th line 33 of Figure 2; and Figure 4 is an exploded, perspective view of the foot measuring device. With continued reference to the drawing, the foot measuring device comprises, in eneral, an elongated sole or platform ID, a heel receptacle II slidably mounted on the platform I0 adjacent one end of the latter, a length gauge I2 secured to the platform and underlying the forward edge of the heel receptacle, a toe receptacle including two complementary, opposed wings I3 and I4 pivotally connected at their rearward ends to the platform I0 intermediate the length'of the platform and at respectively-opposite sides of the longitudinal center line of the platform, and a width gauge I5 disposed between the toe receptacle wings I3 and I4 and th platform I0 and secured to one of the parts of the toe receptacle and slidably underlying the other part of such receptacle. The sole or platform I0 is an elongated member having curved side edges and a general resemblance to a shoe sole. This member includes a toe portion IB and a heel portion ll, the heel portion being recessed in its top surface at respectively-opposite sides of the longitudinal center line of the platform to provide a rib I8 extending longitudinally of the heel portion of the platform substantially symmetrical with the longitudinal center line of the platform. An elongated slot I9 extends through the ribbed portion of the platform intermediate the length of the rib I8 and extends longitudinally of the rib. Between the slot I9 and the toe portion I6 of the platform the rib I8 is recessed in its upper surface to receive the length gauge I2 which is a flat, elongated body of rectangular shape having on one face thereof spaced-apart lines and numbers for indicating the length of shoes to be fitted. The heel receptacle I I comprises a flat plat 20 having one straight end, the opposite end being arcuately curved, and side edges extending from the curved end to the straight end at respectively opposite ends of the straight-end edge and substantially perpendicular to this edge. This bottom plate 20 is provided with a groove 2I which extends longitudinally of the plate 20 substantially medially thereof and in the lower side of the plate to slidably receive the rib I8. A curved flange 22 extends along the side edges of the plate and around the curved end thereof and extending upwardly from the plate, the corners of this flange bein rounded off, as indicated at 23, to give to the top edge of the flange a smooth contour. A suitable lining 24 is preferably provided Within the flange 22 and over the upper surface of the plate 20. An aperture 25 is provided through the plate 20 in position such that it is in alignment with the slot I9 when the rib I8 is received in the groove 2I of the heel receptacle, and a screw 26 extends through this aperture and through the slot I9 and projects below the bottom surface of the platform It). A nut or bridge member 21 having a screw-threaded aperture therethrough is threaded onto the lower screw-threaded end of the screw 26 to clamp the heel receptacle II against the upper side of the platform ID with suflicient force to provide a slight frictional resistance to movement of the heel receptacle longitudinally of the platform. ' The toe receptacle part or wing I3 comprises an elongated, fiat plate 28 having a substantially straight inner edge which lies approximately along the longitudinal center line of the platform I0 when the toereceptacle is in closed condition, and a curvedouter edge, the curvature of which corresponds to the curvature of the side edges and substantially at the outer, rearward corner of this plate, and a pivotal connector, such as the screw 32, extends through the aperture 38' and into a screw-threaded hole or well 33 provided in the platform It] to pivotally Senate the" part [3 to the platform at al'o'cationnear the end of the toe portion 16 of the platform adjacent the heel portion and spaced from the 1'6'fi'g'l' tudinal center line of the platform. ' Th'pi'rt '1 wing *of th to receptacle i'Si-iiif' la'i tci tfie part l3, except for being oppositely arranged and includes anelongated", flat plate 3 having a substantially Straight}. inner e'dge which lies approximately alongth'e longitudinalceiiter line of the platform lll and against the Straight, inner edg'' of the plate Wlifi the receptacle is=in closed condition. The plate 34' nae acurve'd, outer edge corresponding to the curvature of the respective Side edge of the' pla't form l0;- and'has along this curved, outer edge an upstanding flange 35 which extendsfr'on'rthe forward end of the straight; inner edge of the: plate 3 4 to a locati'o'n on the outer edge 'of the plate spaced from the rearward ehd of the plate. This flange 35 is disposed substantiallyperpemclictllal" to the plate 34, and has its Olitl" d'ge curved at its rearward end; as in'dicatedat 36'} so that no sharp corner ispresent at the" rearward-- end of the flange. Both flangeshave substa-rb daily right-angular corners atth'eir forward ends, asth'e two forward ends'of'the flanges come 5116- stan'tially together when the'toe receptacle is iii closed' c'on'di'tion, so that the'fl'alnges teem-i 35'will extend around the forward ortion. o'fa foot pfaced in the ineasuring devic'e. The flanges 29 'and 3'5 er'eprererabiy provided: with' -s'uita'ble linings 31 and standings fr'orii'the' longitudinal center line oftlie platformat the side of thecenter line opposite-the eon n'etion between the platform andthe toe re ceptacle wing I3. I I A' spacer plate is secured to" the under side 6!- the plate 34 at the rear, outer-corner of-th plate 44; and is provided with an aperture repstring with the aperture 4|. This spacer plate Mha'sa thickness substantially the same ast-he' thicln'ess of i the width ga 'ug'e plate I aiidhas' three edges, two of which are flush with the'rear" e'il'fi atidieai POitiOIiO'f the uter Side edges or the plate 34; and the third of which is ar'cdately curved and is received in an arcuately-curved corner recess in the gauge plate l5. plate having a major portion 45 shaped to correspond to the shape of the two: plates'28'and'34 4 when these two plates are disposed with their straight, inner edges substantially in contact, and a rounded tab 46 at its outer end projecting forwardly beyond the parts l3 and M of the toe receptacle. This plate 15 is disposed between the two plates 28 and 34 and the upper surface of the toe portion IE or the platform ID, and is permanently secured to the under side of one of the plates of the toe receptacle, for example, the plate 281 as" illustrated, and is slidably received under the plate 31'. The" part of the width plate l5 extending laterally from the inner, straight edge of the plate 28 is provided with spaced-apart, rearwardly eonverging lines 47 which cooperate with t he inner, straight edge of the plate 34 to prdvidwidthdndicating marks, and the tab 46 extending forwardly beyond the two parts l3 and I4 of the toe receptacle has thereon indicia QB-align'ed with the marks 41 so that when a line registering with the straight, inner edge of plate Wis ioneweaeutwerdiy to'thetab portion 46', the width or-last isproperly indicated. In rising the-"foot' measuring device, thelieel' ota: foot'td measm'eoiis set into the heel re eeptaele H and, with the platform f0" held in the and the twopa'rts l3 and Moitlie toe receptacle lightly compressed; themeasurin'g dc vie'e' is movedso' tha t the ioi-ward portion or ball of th'e' fo'ot is received betweerrthe flanges of the two'- parts of the-toe receptacle,- the heel recap tacIe'being-slid forwardly. or rearwardly on the platform; as may be necessary, until the flanges E aind fi3 l'oosely encompass the forward portion of the foot' and th' toes." With the two flanges 29 l and 35* held light-lylag'a-inst the respectively oppo-" site sides of: the" ball of the foot; the width measuiemenfiis readioff of the width-gauge plate IE'by'IiOtingthe line- M which coincides with the straight inner-edgot the -plate 34; The measur ing device" isthen removed from the foot and theposi tioirof thd'forward edged the heel're' ceptacle relative to the length-indicating-gauge t2: their noted.- This will give, directly,-the proper size or length of the-shoe.- a arerarrangedrin adjacent rows disposedconsecutively outwardly of'"46"frorn'the outer endaof the? toe-receptacle; andea'ch one of these rows corresponds'to one of-thesize numbers on" the lrig'thgauge l2. Thelength'number'on the length gauge at the forward edge-0f. the heel rece tacle is then 'fbllrld' in" the in'dicia" group 48, and the width-indicating mark-insth'e correspond-'- ing rowandadiaeent theiineiwwhich' was previously noted, gives the properwiath or last" for theslio'l- Thel ng tl'i andz'widthzoifthe proper shoe size cari-thus hequickly determined by a single}si'n'ilzilev operation of the foot measuring device. Theflanges 22,29rand 35 have:a sufficient height so' tliat they engage the heel and sides or the foot at'ithe'maximuni outward extent" of the foot to givea proper indication ifdesired, thev foot measuring device may be placed on the" fldoi't'or 'on a shoe-'fittingrstool, so that pressure ,1 can Ueiapplied to the foot,- if desired. oideritdl rriaintain the foot measuring device in the. most compact and convenient form-(1e sirable; it' isproposed to provide for each device only a limited range or shoe-sizes, for example, not mere than three or four cons cutive sizes, and to provide the measuring devices in sets of devices of different sizes to cover the entire commercial range of shoe sizes. Of course, only a p rter a set of siich devices Wouldbe used by a merchant specializing in shoes within-a: The indictalimited size range, such as childrens shoes, Whereas, an entire set would be useful in a large shoe store dealing in all sizes of shoes. The invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof. The present embodiment is, therefore, to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, the scope of the invention being indicated by the appended claim rather than by the foregoing description, and all changes which come within the meaning and range of equivalency of the claim are, therefore, intended to be embraced therein. What is claimed is: A shoe measuring device comprising an elongated platform including a toe portion and a heel portion and having said heel portion recessed in its upper surface to provide a longitudinally-extending, medial rib and an elongated slot extendin longitudinally of said rib inter mediate the length thereof, a heel receptacle slidably mounted on said heel portion and having a longitudinally-extendin groove receiving said rib, means extending from said heel receptacle through said slot and engaging said platform at the side thereof opposite said rib securing said heel receptacle to said platform, a length-indicating gauge on the upper side of said platform underlying the forward edge of said heel receptacle, an adjustable toe receptacle on the toe portion of said platform comprising two similar opposed parts each including a plate overlying approximately one-half of the toe portion of said platform and having a straight inner edge extending along the longitudinal center line of said platform when said toe receptacle is fully closed, a curved outer edge, and an upstanding flange along the curved outer edge thereof, means pivotally connecting said plates to said platform at the end of said platform toe portion adjacent said heel portion and at respectively opposite sides of the longitudinal center line of said platform, and a width-gauge plate secured to one of the two receptacle plates and projecting outwardly beyond the end of said one receptacle plate remote from the pivotal connection between said one plate and said platform, said width gauge plate underlying and cooperating with the other of said receptacle plates to indicate last widths measured by said receptacle plates. WILLIAM KLAASSEN. REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent: UNITED STATES PATENTS Number Name Date 598,034 Sweetland Jan. 25, 1898 1,790,458 Bliss Jan. 27, 1931 1,962,101 Clarke June 5, 1934. FOREIGN PATENTS Number Country Date 10,840 Germany Nov. 18, 1879



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