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Nov. 7, 1950 H. B. GREENE LIPSTICK CONTAINER Filed April 16, 1948 Patented Nov. 7, 1950 LIPSTICK CONTAINER Howard B. Greene, Cheshire, Conm, assignor to Metalite, Inc., Meriden, Conn. Application April 16, 1948, Serial No. 21,350 2 Claims. (of. zoeescl This invention relates to lip rouge holders or containers and one of the objects of the invention is to provide a device of this character in which the propelling and repelling of the stick of lip rouge or other cosmetic is facilitated; in which the handling and manipulation of the holder during the application of the rouge to the lips is rendered more convenient, and in which the closure cap of the holder may be utilized to increase the effective length of the holder while the rouge is being applied. Most lip rouge holders, as known at the present time, are of relatively short length so that while the holder is held in the fingers during the application of the rouge to the lips, the fingers often assume a cramped position." As the result, the holder is often heldzunsteadily and the rouge thus is inaccurately and unskillfully applied. It has, therefore, been found desirable to utilize lipstick holders of increased or pencil length so that the holder can be held lightly but steadily between the fingers in the manner of a ,pencil, and the lip rouge accurately and precisely 'applied. However, the use of a lengthy lipstick tends to provide a holder which usurps space in the handbag and has other disadvantages, particularly when the lipstick holder is in condition of non-use yet remains in its lengthy size. The present invention, therefore, contemplates the provision of means by which the holder will be of the conventional short length when in condition of non-use so that it may be conveniently stored or carried in a purse or handbag, yet can be materially extended in length so that the advantages of a lengthy holder will be present, when placed in condition for use. More particularly, the invention contemplates the provision of a holder having cosmetic advancing and retracting means terminating in an end or head disposed at one end of the body of the holder, and a closure cap which, when removed from its position of closing the holder, can be fitted on the head of the advancing and retracting means to thereby become coupled therewith and to serve as an extension or handle to not only increase the effective overall length of the holder, but to provide means by which the head can be rotated to advance or retract the lip rouge or cosmetic accordingly. These and other objects are attained by the invention, a more particular description of which will hereinafter appear and be set forth in the claims appended hereto, In the accompanying drawing, wherein an illustrative embodiment of theinvention is disclosed: i Fig.1 is a side elevation of a lip rouge container or holder, constructed in accordance; with the invention; and with the closurecap in place *f'Figi 'Z is a similar view, showing the closure cap removed and placed on the rear end of the holder to increase the length ofthe holder, and in position for use as a propelling or repelling instrumentality; I Fig. 3 is a view looking at theend-of the. container, showing the closure-cap thereon: and in section; a z e Fig.4 is a vertical sectional view'through a portion of the closure, and Fig. 5 is a'perspective view of a modified construction. With reference to the structure shown in Figs. - 1 to 4 inclusive, I indicates the conventional cylindrical and tubular body of a lip:rouge holdergthe same being provided with the forward .open end 3 out of which the lip rougeor other cosmetic 4 in stick'form, is extended into position for use as shown in Fig.2 or is retracted to bring'it inside of thebody l in the known manner. The stick of 'lip rouge-is carriedin a cup-shaped holder 2, a portion of which-is seen in Fig. 2, and . this holder and its rouge contents-are moved back and forth in the body I' 'ofthe holder by rotation 'of a sleeve within the body of the holder in a manner .well known in this art. The rotatable sleeve which causes the advancement and retraction of the lip rouge cup'2, has an end or head portion located behind the rear end. of the body 'I, for engagement by the lingers .to apply the required manual rotative action to cause advancing or retracting movement of'thecup 2. isaid end orh'eadzincludesthe annular portion 5 from which extends a .part 6 which in the form disclosed, is provided with a plurality of grooves l. The closure cap for the holder is shown at 8 and the same is of tubular form, being closed at one end as indicated at l3 and open at the other as at M and when it is in closed position it fits over the body I in the manner shown in Fig. 1. Near its open end I4 the closure cap is formed with an inwardly extending rib or projection 9 which frictionally engages the side of the body I when the closure cap is in its closed position and serves to hold it in place. Said rib or projection 9 is also of such shape and size that the same will fit into any one of the recesses 1 when the cap is placed in position on the part 6 of the retracting and advancing device of the holder. In its normal or holder-closing position, the closure cap 8 fits over and closes the body I of the container in the known manner. When it is desired to apply the lip rouge to the lips, the closure 8 is removed and is then fitted over the part 6 in the manner shown in Fig. 2. In fitting the cap 8 in place on the part 6, the projection or rib 9 will enter into one of the grooves land will thus establish a coupling between theclosure cap 8 and the part 6. Hence, when the body I is held between the fingers of one hand, the closure cap 8 is held in the other hand and is rotated, the cap will rotate the part 6, andr will thus advance or retract the lip rouge 4 according to the direction of rotationof the cap'8. When the cap is fitted in place over the part G in the manner just described, it will serve as a manipulating handle, thus greatly facilitating the operation of the advancin and retreating'device. While the lip rouge is being applied, the closure ..-cap is'permitted to remain fitted on the end of the holder as above described and when in such ,position will serve to extend the effective or'overall length of the holder, affording a, degree :of balance to the same, enabling it tobe held in the qhand withoutcramping the fingers and thus steadying the hand during the application of the cosmetic to the lips. Moreover, the cap fitted on the, end .of the holder serves to provide a place for it and eliminates the possibility of vit being dropped on the floor and lost. V to enable a coupling tobe; establishedbetween. While I have herein'describedthe closure cap and the end portion of the advancingrand'aretraotingmeans as being of a certain specific form vthem; whenthe closure cap is :fittedin'position as described, it will be apparent that this ;arrangeg-ment'rmay be varied in many ways to secure a zsimilar and wholly satisfactory effect. For example, While I' have shown a single ,rib projection 9 in the closure cap, it will be clear that anum- -ber of theseribs or projections can be employed. -A coupling between the closure .cap 8 and the end 6 of the advancing and retracting device can also be secured in other ways, as for example, by making the open end of the closure cap and the complementary portion of the end of the ad- 'yancing and retracting device of corrugated, 1 scalloped, polygonal or almost any non-round shape. shape. For example, in Fig. the cap l2is shown to be of square shape and the body l.of similar The portion 10 and the part .II extend- ..-in therefrom are also square, so that when the square .end of the closure cap I2 is placed in position .on the part I I it will be obvious'that a turn ing or rotative movement of the caplwill then rotate the part II with it and the advancing and retracting device be actuated accordingly. Various other shapes and forms maybe 'usedfor establishing not only a convenient means byv which the advancing and retracting of the cosmetic or rouge is greatly facilitated, but also adding increased length to the holder while the cosmetic is being applied and providing a carry-- ing means for the closure cap at that time. Having described an embodiment of the invention, it is obvious that the same is not to be re- 1 strictedltheretotbut is broad enough to cover all structures coming Within the scope of the annexed claims. What I claim is: ,1. A lip rouge container comprising, a cylindrical' body, rouge-holding and transporting means contained-within the body, said means including a head ,portion located at one end of the body, saidhead portion being rotative to cause actuating of the rouge-transportin means, said head being provided with a rearwardly-extended part having recesses, and a closure cap having an open end fitting over the recessed rear endportiontof the head ,'sa-id cap having at leastone inrwardlyrextending-projection engaging in one or the other of the recesses in the head to thereby establish a coupling between the cap and head and cause rotative movement of the head when the cap is removed from its closure position and is fitted over the rear end of the head and is manually rotated. v-2. A lip rougecontainer having a cylindrical body, a rotatable propelling and retracting device located within the body and having an end portion located beyond the rear end of the body, a ,closure cap fittingover the front end of the body .,and manually removable therefrom, the rear end 1 portion of the r cting, and pr pell n device being corrugated and the cap having an endporrtion provided with a part engaging at leastone of the corrugations, so that the cap can be used 40' to rotate the retracting and propellinggdevice when said cap is removed from the, front'endof the body and is fitted over the end portion of said device. a 1 'HOWARD B. GREENE-I REFERENCES CITED 7 V The following references are of record in the .file of this patent: UNITED STATES PATENTS



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