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March 27, 1956 s BLUM CONTAINER FOR DRILLS Filed Jan. 24, 1955 M mmf? 0 my W M w, 6% coN'rAiNER non DRILLS Sidney Blum, New York,` N.`Y.,v assignor to Oxwall Tool Co., Ltd., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application January 24,1955, Serial No. 483,775 Claims. (Cl. 2064-17) The present invention relates to containers and more particularly to a container for various size twist drills. Devices of this general type are known to the art but have not heretofore enabled the goods within the container to be readily accessible for insertion and removal nor clearly observable while housed within such container. It is accordingly an object of the present inventionto provide a container especially for twist drills wherein the latter may be readily inserted and -removed ndividually from such container'without disturbing the re maining drills within the container. Another object of the present invention is the provision of a container for twist drills wherein the drills are securely housed against accidental dislodgement from separate compartments within the container and yet such drills may be individually readily removed without disturbing any of the other drills in their'separate compartments. v A further object of the present invention is the provision of a container for twist drills wherein the latter may be readily inserted and removed individually from separate compartments within such container .and in which at least a portion of such container is suiciently transparent to enable the user to select the proper size drill for his purpose. Still further objects of the present invention will be come obvious to those skilled in the art by reference to the accompanying drawing wherein: Figure 1 is a front elevational view of the drill container of the present invention with a portion of the container broken away to better illustrate the device. Fig. 2 is a side elevational view of the container as shown looking at the right side of Fig. 1,v Fig. 3 is a top view of the container as shown in Fig. 1, Fig, 4 is a cross-sectional view taken on the line lV-lV of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the arrows, Fig. 5 is a cross-sectional view on a slightly larger scale taken on the line V-V of Fig. 1 and looking in the direction indicated by the arrows, Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view on a slightly larger scale taken on the line VI-VI of Fig. 1 and again looking in the direction indicated by the arrows, and Fig. 7 is an inverted side view showing the manner in which one of the desired size twist drills is removed from the container. Referring now to the drawing more in detail for a better understanding of an embodiment which the present invention may take, there is shown in Fig. l a slightly distorted segmental or fan-shaped container 5 preferably formed of a back 6 which may have a base 7 molded as an integral part thereof and an arcuate-shaped front cover plate 8. Although this container 5 may be formed of metal or the like, l prefer, for purposes of economy, to make it of a plastic composition and while the back 6 may be of any selected color of plastic, the front plate 8 is desirably transparent, at least sutliciently as to make the twist drills 9 housed within the container sufiiciently observable so that the desired size of drill 9 may be selected by the user. As can be seen from the several figures, the back 6 is provided with-a plurality of integral partitions 10 of varying length extending normal to its surface which together with the slightly arcuate-shaped front cover plate 8 forma series of longitudinally extending narrow compartments 12 varying in width and depth so as to accommodate therein individual twist drills varying in size. Spaced a short distance above the upper end of the partitions 10, butin line therewith, the back plate is provided with slots 13 extending to the upper end thereof, so that exible iingers 14 are thus formed in alignment with each of the compartments 12. It will also be noted, especially from Figs. 1, 4 and 7, that each of these Hexible lingers-14 is provided with a lateral projection 15 adjacent theirupper end which extends toward the arcuate shaped transparent front plate 8 and may even contact the latter, to thus close the upper end of each compartment 12 and preventing the twist drills 9 from accidentally dropping out of their rrespective compartments when the container is inverted. When a user wishes to remove a twist drill 9 from the container 5 it is only necessary to spring the selected exible linger 14 in a direction away from the front cover plate 8, as shown in Figs. 4 and 7 and upon inverting the container 5 in the manner shown in Fig. 7,A the desired size twist drill 9 will drop readily out of its respective compartment 12 without disturbing any of the other drills within the container, since all the other drills are pree vented from sliding out of their individual compartments by the lateral projection 15 forming with the front plate 8 an end closure for the compartments 12. In order to secure thearcuately-shaped front plate 8 .n to the back 6, such front plate is provided with a pair of lugs 16 and 17 at each side thereof, which are engageable with' a pair of corresponding notches 18 and 19 provided iri'each side wall 20 of the back 6, as shown inr Figs. 1 and 2. Due to the tension of the arcuately-shaped front plate 8 the lugs 16 and 17 are accordingly maintained securely in these side wall notches 18 and 19. It should thus become obvious to those skilled in the art that a container for twist drills has been provided by the present invention which is exceptionally economical to manufacture. Moreover, by making the front plate at least partially transparent, the desired size twist drill can be readily selected and removed from the container, simply by springing the corresponding compartment finger, with its lateral projection, out of the way, thus enabling the selected drill to quickly slide out of its individual compartment' without in any way disturbing or dislodging the remaining drills lwithin their separate compartments. When use of the selected drill is completed it can be just as readily restored in its individual compartment by again springing the flexible finger away from the face plate and dropping the drill into its cornpartment. Although one embodiment of the present invention has been shown and described, it is to be understood that still further embodiments thereof may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the appended claims. I claim: 1. A container for twist drills of various sizes and lengths comprising a back, a cover plate spaced from said` tudinally` extending llexihle. fingers, and said tiexilile fingers aligning with said narrow compartments and p rovided with lateral projections adjacent their upper ends and extending substantially normal to their surfaces to prevent accidentaldislodgement; oisaid;-twistz drills;l from; said compartments but said fingers being rhendablatoimoye: said.' lateral projections out:l of-the..way,. of the free: removal of; eachrindividual, twist drill zfromdts separatefoomv partment. when desired 2. A container forA twist drills of various Sizes: andi. lengthscomprising aback having:` a: substantially; arc-- shaped top edgej a; cover plate spacedy froml said back-f` andsecured-thereto a plurality oflongitudinallyextende ing partitions of varying length integral witlirsaid back.. and disposed normal to the;surface .thereot for; a-portiong` of` the-lengthohsaid back-.andrforming a-.series oinarrow compartments with-,saidcover plateto accdmmodatezsaid.: twist drillsi. a series. of slots.` ini saidY haci@P substantially in.. alignment with; said partitions to forni apluralityrof: liexible :fingers corresp ending. in.` number to said;` c orrrpat-A mentsl and.- provided with;lateraliprojectionssadjacent their; upperend-and extendingitoward saidtcoverplatetolpretvent accidental dislodgement of saidtwist drills;fr,omiY said compartments but saidy iingersbeing bendabler. to; movel said lateral projections o utof the way ofv theffree removal of each individual twist drill) fmrnrits separater compartment. when desiredi and: a basel formed onithe container toenable the.l latter. to be placelin` a vertical. position. 3. A container for twist drills: of various. sizes, and: lengths comprising a hack having a substantiallyy arc.- shaped top edge, a cover plate. spaced from Multiviteitand secured thereto withatleast aportion otvsaicl'coverr plate being transparent to enablethe'twist drills; to. be: observed while insaid. container, aplurality` offY longie 3 tudinally extending partitions of varyinglength; molded: integrally with saidjbaclcl anddisposed normal. to the sur face thereof for a1 portionf off the lengthxof. said. back and forming a series of narrow cornpartrnentswithSaid,` partially transparent. coverpl'ate to accommodate said; twist drills, a series of slots extending downwardlyy fromf the arc-shaped top edge; off said back and substantially in alignment withv saidpartitionstor form a plurality-off' flexible fingers corresponding, in number to saidrcomparztments and provided Withlateral projections; adjacent: their upper endextending toward.x said cover; plate to prevent accidental dislodgement oi-v said.` twistdrills; from: said compartments. but said, lingers beingr bendable; to: move said lateral projections out ofi the wayoV theffree-f removal of said individual twist drillfrom itsseparateecompartment when desired, andy a. molded; base integral? with said; back to-enable said container-'to beplaced.v in: a vertical position. 4. A container for twist drills of various szesandi lengths comprising a back having a substantially arcshaped'topedge and providediwith notchespin each; of its side Walls, a cover plate spacedv from said back of substantially matching arcfshape and-provided with lugsf care. ried by. each side and engaging the notches in the side. walls of said back to secure said cover plate tosaid back, and atleast a portion of said 'cover plate being transparent touenable said vtwist drills to beobserved while in said container, a plurality of partitions of varying length molded integrally with said back normal thereto and extending longitudinally thereof for a portion ot its length to form a series of narrow compartments with said partially transparentcnver plate for the accommodation of said twist drills,y a plurality of slots extending downwardly fromjthet' ai'z-shaperlftopedgeV of said back` and substantially in alignment'with said partitions to form exiblertihgersfcorresponding iiiA number toA said? compartments and each lfinger having a lateralV` projection adjacent its upper end extending toward saidv cover plate to close.' the` endl ofi saiclcompartment; and: prevent.n acci-- dental dislodgement of said` twist drills, from their respective compartments but said lingers being bendable to move said lateral projections out of the way of the free removal of each individual twist drill from its separate compartment-i when desiredi, and ai hase; molded, integral withl said; back; to; enable: Saidr Qontainerf to l be f maintained. intamupniehtspnsitiom 1 i.rt-container. fen twist drills of.4 various sizes and lengthsr comprising at back. of moldedf plastic. material.- molded. transparent`` plastici material of. substantially, i matehina'contguretion. tethat of; said back. and provided with lugsselgalllgithe;notchesriunsaid. hackA to-securef said back and cover plate together:` inispaced: relation. relative to; thaisperallelhsurfaces,l a, plurality. of. partitions of varying: 1eugth--moldedi integrallyl normal to:` said back andi extendingf longitudinally thereof; upwardly, fromy the bottomifor asubstant-aldistance; ofrsaid,A back. and tonn-l ingz with: Said tra-rimanenti coverplate, a, seriesofv narrow compartmentsffonthe accomodation off; said twist drills, a plurality of slots extending downwardly fromthe arc.- shaped. top: eg 4ofi seid'. badi'. and: substantially inalignmentA said. partitions to; form flexibles jngers. correspondingfininumhentoisaidf e.omaattinente;andy each linger having ai molded integral, projeetioni adjacent, itsv upper end extending towardsaidrcoven plate, to; close` the.V end of said' compartiment and-,prevean accidentaldislodgement. of said twist drills from their respective compartments` butfsaidingersfbeingbendabler toemove. said.. lateral: projectionsf out; on thewayj oli` ther free, removal of: each individual twist drill fromrits; separate` compartment whendesiredrandai bae:.1nolded integrally,I with, said plastic bacia to.4 enable; saidscontainen to, be,A maintained in; al vertical position- '.l 1; References VCitedfill. the tile. of this. patent. .- UNITEDl STATES P-AT'ENTS;



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